so, what did you think?

After your book club friends have  gathered their food and settled down for the meeting, introduce the following questions.  Better yet, present the questions before the group meets so that everyone can think about them.

 In addition to the following questions,  lively discussion can always be inspired by the basics like character, plot, motivation, setting, point of view,  theme, etc.

Discussion Questions for Glamour

1. At the beginning of the novel, Blaezi is more consumed with enjoying herself than anything else. How does she change as the novel progresses?  What does she learn?

2.  Kat is evil in many ways.  Does she have any redeeming qualities?

3.  When Queen Tania keeps her People’s tails, she steals their power, their Glamour—their freedom.  In what ways can a leader steal someone’s freedom?

4.  The number “two” is used throughout the work to carry out the motif of mirror images and reflection.  Can you find characters or situations that are paired to illustrate this?

5.  Rock, Laurel and Dogwood are the three tribes of Cherokee Little People.  The tribes have distinct characteristics.  Rock can be threatening if their territory is invaded.  Laurel is fun loving and likes to play tricks. Dogwood is fair and often helps people.  In what ways are the characters like the tribes they were named after?

6.  Consider fairy tales.  Do characters in Glamour resemble the archetypical characters of fairy tales (witch, princess, prince, damsel in distress, mischief-maker, etc)?  Who are they and how are they like other fairy tale characters? How are they different?

7.  The Naturals believe that it is important to be connected to nature.  They believe extended removal from nature can make one lose touch with what is important. Is this true? Give examples for your reasons.

8.  The Fayes change who they are in an attempt to protect themselves.  Is this a good decision? Why or why not?

9.  Many cultures have their own version of Little People. Glamour takes place in eastern Oklahoma.  Would the story have worked as effectively in another setting? If so, where and why?

10.  Ancient study of the moon is vital to certain civilizations.  It is believed that the new moon is a time where a new cycle begins. During a full moon, the fullness of what was wrought during the last new moon is brought to light.  The waning crescent is a time of rebirth. How are Blaezi’s actions reflected in this cycle?