let's eat!

Whether you're having a book club meeting, birthday party, or just hanging out with your friends, food always makes a gathering better.   Unlike the Fayes, you won't have Yumsies to prepare it for you, so here is some inspiration for snacks or meals. These ideas are lifted directly from the  book, so enjoy!

Menu ideas

entire meals mentioned in Glamour
Picnic from Duncan and Kat's first date
grapes, chips, pb&j, bottled water, Hershey's kisses
Kat and Duncan's date at Sonic
burger, tater tots, vanilla Coke
Kat's leftovers fed to captives
roast beef, mashed potatoes, green beans

bits and pieces to fit together
Kat and Duncan at diner reading Knightly News
Rocky Road ice cream
Kat  hunting frogs
tuna sandwich
Kat's after school snack (served on pretty plates, of course!)
milk & chocolate chip cookies
Phone calls with Herralds
Bonners waiting to meet Kat's date
tv debut on "Teen Focus"

fairy food
food mentioned by Fayes and Naturals
apple, pies,  berries, honey, cherries, plum, jelly beans, okra, nuts, pecans, walnuts, tomatoes, brownies
Blaezi's craving as she battles Blight & Rottus