what's the book about?

Fairies are disappearing!

Blaezi, an impusive and irresponsible fairy, is banished from the Fayes, a troupe suffering under the supreme rule of their domineering queen.  Forced to live among the lowly Naturals, she struggles to solve the mystery that might allow her to return:  Why are fairies disappearing?  She learns that Kat, a sadistic sophomore bent on creating beauty on her own terms, is realizing her dream of making the world a prettier place by sacrificing fairy tails and stealing Glamour, an enchanted dust capable of transforming humans, disguising fairies, and much more.  By exploiting fairy magic, Kat makes herself a nationally known celebrity. 

Encroaching housing developments jeopardize the fairies' wooded habitat while Kat continues to take hostages and to threaten their very lives.  Determined to stop the abuse of her people, Blaezi initiates a campaign against Kat.  Eventually, Blaezi and Kat find they must work together to guarantee their own survival. 

In the midst of the Oklahoma suburbs, European fairy lore combines with the Native American tradition of Little People.  When sprites and humans collide, the results are not always pretty--even when Glamour is involved.